New Home Construction

After you make your final structural selections, we begin the process of obtaining permits and ordering the items you selected to make your home uniquely yours. This process takes 3-8 weeks. Once everything is in place, it’s time to start the construction of your new home!


Your home’s construction schedule is affected by a number of factors, including weather, product supply, and contractor availability. Your Sales Manager will give you a general estimate of when your home is expected to be completed, but we might still experience some delays due to Michigan’s unpredictable weather. Your Sales Manager will communicate key construction milestones and an updated completion date throughout the construction process so you’re kept up to speed on the status of your home.


Pre-Construction Orientation

You will meet your Construction Coordinator at your Pre-Construction Orientation, which is scheduled by your Sales Manager once your plans are finalized or permits are returned. This meeting is where you’ll see your home on paper, reviewing the plot plan, purchase order summary, construction and electrical drawings, and other various construction details.


Pre-Drywall Orientation Walk

At the Pre-Drywall Orientation, your Construction Coordinator will give you a guided tour of your home under construction prior to drywall installation. You will discover the inner workings of your home, view its quality components, and have the opportunity to ask questions. This orientation is also a time to add additional features, including phone, cable, and outlets.


New Home Orientation Walk

Near the end of the construction process, you’ll meet with a ProHome representative for your New Home Orientation Walk. In this detailed walkthrough, every light switch will be operated; every window, cabinet and door opened; and every feature of your home demonstrated. You will also learn important information for keeping your home as beautiful and efficient as the day you moved in.


New Home Verification Walk

Approximately one week after your New Home Orientation Walk, you will walk through your new Cranbrook custom home with your Construction Coordinator, where you will be asked to sign off that any items discovered during your New Home Orientation Walk have been addressed.


Key Ceremony

Congratulations! The day is finally here! Your appointment to meet with your Sales Manager has already been scheduled, and it is time to receive the keys to your new Cranbrook custom home.